I am happy to work with anyone that approaches me for advertising on my blog. Please feel free to email me Dan93iel9@aol.com for more information that you require and to find out what I offer, which include:
  • Full blog posts
  • Side bar/banner advertisements
  • Giveaways
  • Reviews of products

My statistics:
  • Blogger pageviews: 117,000+
  • Monthly pageviews: 2,000+
  • Twitter followers: 2,100+
  • Tumblr followers: 1,300+
  • Pinterest followers: 840+
  • Overall followers across all platforms:4,000+

PR Reviews:

I am happy to work with companies to review products on my blog, If you're interested in working with me and want to promote your products, please feel free to email me: Dan93iel9@aol.com
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